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Creating countercultural space in Totnes – adult education, groups, and Birdwood House

This extract summarises some of the ways in which increasing numbers of  ‘countercultural’ social spaces were created in Totnes in the 1970s. It also highlights the importance of Birdwood House in providing a physical site for many of these groups. … Continue reading

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“The Orange People” – Sanyassins around Totnes

The Sanyassins were followers of the guru of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. They appeared near Totnes sometime in 1977/78. They added another dimension to the general mix of alternative cultures which were active in the area in the late 1970s. I … Continue reading

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Anthroposophy and the influence of Rudolph Steiner

Since the late 1970s the influence of Anthroposophy (the term given to the philosophy and practices of Rudolph Steiner) on the Totnes and Dartington area has increased with the development of the South Devon Steiner School, Camphill Community, biodynamic growers … Continue reading

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The influence of the English Riviera

These days, in many ways, Torbay and Totnes seem to be ‘miles’ apart culturally, despite the relatively close distance between the two. It is therefore interesting to note that Torquay played a role in the development of alternative activities around … Continue reading

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The Dartington Solar Quest

The Dartington Solar Quest is an interesting example of the Dartington effect in action.  Started by Bill Elmhirst and his second wife Vera Strachen it is an example of the way in which aspects of alternative culture began to manifest … Continue reading

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