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The early countercuisine in Totnes – part 2

Some more on the early countercuisine in Totnes… ———————————————————————————————- Another ‘alternative’ food business which had Dartington connections was Sacks. This was established by Tom and Lynda Merrington and started as a market stall in March 1975 selling brown rice and … Continue reading

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Countercultural entrepreneurs – the early ‘Countercuisine’ in Totnes

One way in which Totnes began to change in the 1970s was in the development of businesses that were in some way related to countercultural ideals. That is not to say that all such businesses were motivated by a revolutionary … Continue reading

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Organic farming in South Devon

Organic farming is another area where perhaps surprising Dartington did not play a directly significant pioneering role. Whilst it did support the Yarner Trust in the late seventies, by then there was already a burgeoning organic scene within the area. … Continue reading

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The Yarner Trust and Dartington’s organic farming

This extract returns to the theme of self-sufficiency and another project which was sponsored by the Trustees of the Trust. Again, ther was a degree of controversy around the project because of its perceived new age dimenison. It is probably … Continue reading

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