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Anthroposophy and the influence of Rudolph Steiner

Since the late 1970s the influence of Anthroposophy (the term given to the philosophy and practices of Rudolph Steiner) on the Totnes and Dartington area has increased with the development of the South Devon Steiner School, Camphill Community, biodynamic growers … Continue reading

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Organic farming in South Devon

Organic farming is another area where perhaps surprising Dartington did not play a directly significant pioneering role. Whilst it did support the Yarner Trust in the late seventies, by then there was already a burgeoning organic scene within the area. … Continue reading

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The Yarner Trust and Dartington’s organic farming

This extract returns to the theme of self-sufficiency and another project which was sponsored by the Trustees of the Trust. Again, ther was a degree of controversy around the project because of its perceived new age dimenison. It is probably … Continue reading

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The Marvelous Chicken-powered Motor Car!

Although I am trying to write up my research I am still finding out new stuff all the time, partly thanks to people who have contacted me through this site (see the ‘help’ page) One interesting charachter who I chanced … Continue reading

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John Seymour’s prescription for Dartington…

One of the arguments that I am making about Dartington and its effect on developing ‘alternative’ cultures in the Totnes area is that the actual direct input from the Trust itself was somewhat limited. It seems that the trustees of … Continue reading

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